7 Cracking Control Methods in Concrete Dams

3. By Post-cooling of Concrete. Post-cooling of concrete is done by passing cold water through pipes embedded in concrete. For post-cooling, 250 m long and thin pipes of 25 mm external diameter are placed in concrete after each lift is poured. All pipes are connected together by expansion coupling. These pipes are spaced at 0.5 m to 2.0 m ...

Why do they use wooden (and not concrete) utility poles in

Mostly it's an attachment issue. In my experience wood poles are easy to climb, drill, test, etc… concrete may be more resistant to some elements but they have some downsides. Imagine a car vs pole scenario, or better yet, a semi vs pole scenario....

cooling the drill bits while drilling?! | Yahoo Answers

Aug 09, 2008 · Water is used to cool the bits for masonary work and is needed since the friction is so high, or you will have to buy a bit for each hole or two. Most home metal projects can be done without coolant if you take it easy. You could use water or cutting oil on steel, but water in this case is not worth the mess.

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May 4, 2020 — Cement enters the indirect heat exchanger, flowing downward at a uniform velocity between the plates. Cooling water flows countercurrent within ...

How to Clean Coolant Off of a Concrete Driveway | Hunker

Coolant is not only a staining product that looks unsightly on your concrete, but it is also a hazard for pets who are attracted to the scent and taste. Cleaning up coolant is a task that takes a few different steps to treat all the problems that the coolant could cause. ... Fill a bucket with hot water and add 2 cups of vinegar. Vinegar is a ...

A Simplified Method for Real-Time Prediction of Temperature in

According to the practice of temperature control in dam concrete, within a few days ... still exceed the standard even under a relatively perfect post-cooling system, ... combining measured data and the formula used to calculate the cooling effect.

Water in Concrete | For Construction Pros

Apr 23, 2014 · The amount of water in concrete controls many fresh and hardened properties in concrete including workability, compressive strengths, permeability and watertightness, durability and weathering…

PDF Salt Water Cooling Towers

Cooling System Component Cost Comparisons (from WGI report) Item Fresh water Salt water Cost ratio Cooling tower $24/TU $33.6/TU 1.4 Circ. water pump $130 - $260/BHP $210 - $416/BHP 1.6 Make-up water pump $337/BHP $539/BHP 1.6 Make-up system $150/gpm $200/gpm 1.3

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Sioux air-cooled water chillers by Carrier® are available as stationary or portable units with capacities for any ... Why Use a Carrier Chiller From Sioux? Allow for precise control of water temperature, ensuring consistent concrete and quality.

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The use of a concrete water tank is the safest option for storing water for a community. Do not try to compare these prices with other alternative options available in the market as concrete is one of the most powerful material. The other alternatives cannot store a huge capacity of water as compared to concrete …